My Hair and I Politely Disagree

Ladies I know this is a popular puzzling question/topic and confusion runs high so lets talk bout it…. It came to my attention after reading a post online, that a lot of you pretties are using those oh so fashionable, trendy “wet brushes” and…actually advocating for them! So let me give my two cents on one addict’s approach and thoughts. Read Here    “The knottiest, … Continue reading My Hair and I Politely Disagree

Is it “Just Part of Being a Woman?”

Im talking about disliking and hating on your body…..We all know we do it, but does it really just have to come along with being a woman? Writer and health coach Nia Shanks says no! Nia Shanks has her own website, Nia Shanks: Lift Like a Girl , where she helps women discover and reach their potential through an empowering approach to health, fitness, and … Continue reading Is it “Just Part of Being a Woman?”