Caitlin Sinclair is currently a student at Marist College, she is a Communications/Journalism major with a minor in Political Science.  As an aspiring journalist she has interned at News 12 Long Island as well as Fox 5 in Manhattan this past semester.  Caitlin has worked with many health coaches and professionals as she suffers daily from an autoimmune condition. She hopes to educate and inspire other woman. Her motto is “You can always come out of a dark place and celebrate life!”



News 12 Long Island – Intern (July 2016 – August 2016)

Worked closely with Senior Anchor to cover live daily events and special weekly series focusing on “East End” happenings.  Responsible for preliminary research of stories; handling script and tape requests; making calls on possible stories and monitoring feeds for ideas; attended daily team meetings and shadowed experienced reporters in the field.  Worked on stand ups and packages. Skills acquired: sharper listening and information seeking skills; increased sensitivity to issues/names in the news; improved information processing/prioritization skills; learning how to maintain objectivity, composure, gain viewer trust; cultivating the story telling instincts of a good reporter.  Submitted Intern Reel showcasing original “package” and “stand ups”.


Independent Documentary Film Project – Production Assistant (July 2015 – August 2016)

Working with Executive Director/Producer in putting together a two part documentary highlight a grossly misunderstood, misdiagnosed Autoimmune condition which affects 1 in 10 girls in the US.  I am one of the subjects in the film as I tracked my own diagnosis and surgeries.  Also responsible for researching new studies; compiling clips from other patients; sourcing leading experts and physicians for interviews and expertise; mining for relevant images and graphics. Also assist in publicity and fund-raising efforts through social media. Successful premiere of Part I at Chelsea Theatre, NYC (03/16). Part II launch planned late 2016.  Skills acquired: invaluable knowledge re all aspects of film production; supporting Producer/Director, multi-tasking under pressure and deadlines. Screening/interviewing patients/their families. Learned to earn trust quickly; how to listen and report on emotionally charged stories in calm, composed, objective manner.


C2 Education/Tutoring Center,  NY – Administrative Assistant (June 2014 – Sept 2014)

Organized office; set up systems to manage appointments, records and teaching materials at newly opened center.  Supported sales efforts through client follow up and uncovering new leads. Helped raise visibility of Center by creating Facebook page and promoting service through flyers/emails to High Schools throughout surrounding school districts.  Skills acquired:  Office organization and coordination of activities; Record Keeping; Professional Phone Manner; Advanced computer skills


St. Anthony’s Cheerleading Team, Huntington NY – Captain  (September 2013- May 2014)

Captain – Varsity Cheer team; Responsible for organizing practices; routines; music; competition schedules, team attendance, behavior and organization at all Junior and Varsity events and games.  Responsible for auditions/tryouts and selection of girls for competitive meets.  Skills acquired: Motivating other people; Inspiring team spirit and best performances. Communicating with peers and parents.  Resolving unhealthy competitiveness and conflict within team.